The Learning CTO – Topics of Interest

What are the subjects/topics that are worthy of some discussion/observations in this blog?

The criteria for what is deemed ‘interesting’ will likely evolve, but right now, the key drivers are:

  • Technologies being used by kids straight out of college (or not)
  • Technologies that can be used in place of traditional enterprise vendor supplier solutions
  • Technologies that require a fundamental shift in thinking about technology problems (e.g., functional vs imperative programming, etc)
  • Technologies that improve agility, productivity and complexity management – and hence the cost of ownership of technology
  • Technologies that empower users (even as users become more technically savvy)
  • Technologies that will build the (business) platforms of the future

So, some topics of particular interest to me at the moment:

  • Enterprise-scale Service Architectures
  • Microservices & modularity
  • Containers
  • Big Data & NoSQL
  • Streaming data
  • Machine Learning
  • DevOps
  • Domain-specific languages
  • Functional languages of all forms
  • Mobile technologies
  • Crypto-currencies/ledgers
  • Technology governance

The challenge with technology today is that new technologies span many traditional organisational boundaries: in large enterprises, it is not obvious which part of the organization should govern, drive or innovate in these topics. They are not traditional infrastructure, operating system, middleware or database domains. In fact, I intensely dislike the term ‘middleware’ – it pushes a whole bunch of innovative technology into a commodity space, whereas in fact it is the space that provides the competitive advantage ┬áin a world where business ideas are a dime a dozen.

So I will be posting observations on all these topics. All of these topics will be as a result of my own hands-on experiences with these domains, or from working directly with folks who have direct experience in applying these technologies to problem domains.

As developing code is not my day job, I cannot claim to be an expert on any of these topics. Rather, I hope to provide a perspective that may be interesting to folks for whom these topics maybe of particular interest, whether from a hands-on perspective or from a CTO/management perspective.

And, crucially, as these topics overlap to many extents, understanding how these may all come together (or not) to deliver truly innovative and game-changing technology solutions is a useful side benefit!

The Learning CTO – Topics of Interest